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Bishop Peter Brignall







Bishop Peter Coat of Arms


Diocesan Logo

Right Reverend Peter M. Brignall is the third Bishop of Wrexham.

He was appointed June 2012, succeeding the Right Reverend Edwin Regan.



Bishop Peter Coat of Arms:


Ermine on a Bend engrailed Sable between two Cornucopias. Vert replenished with flowers proper three Clarions Or masoned Sable a Chief Gules

Diocesan Logo Explanation:

The oval or almond shape symbolism comes from ancient iconography representing the union of two circles that is the two natures of Christ, divine and human. 

The crozier indicates an episcopal body/territory  i.e. a diocese.

A Celtic cross indicates Christianity and it is in Wales; the crossed staves of the crozier and the processional cross are in gold suggesting the cross on the flag of St. David.  


The crossed keys of Peter indicating the union with the See of Rome, i.e. Catholic.

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